How to Embrace Mud

Jumping in the stream
We may have got slightly damp trainers here…

When was the last time that, as a grown-up, you ran through a puddle?  A year ago, I would have said that I couldn’t remember.  Ask me now and I will probably say ‘just the other day’.  In fact reader, at the time of writing, it was just yesterday.

As a new runner, there is the temptation for some to avoid the puddles and the mud.  I say you’re going to have to get your feet wet and your trainers muddy at some point on your run so you may as well get it over and done with at the beginning and you can then just crack on with your run and not lose your stride by trying to avoid it.  After all, if you’ve made the choice to go on a cross-country run in the winter, you know it’s not going to be clean right?  Actually, lets not make this exclusively winter, we do live in the UK after all… It’s also incredibly liberating running through mud and water, and makes you feel that you’ve really earned that hot shower afterwards.  Not forgetting that some of the best stories come from the muddy trails.

Try and keep your footing…

Just remember to clean your trail shoes afterwards – I* get the garden hose on mine then stuff with newspaper to dry.  I know others take theirs into the shower with them or just bung them in the washing machine.

Oh and make sure your laces are tied properly too – don’t want to lose a shoe…

Lost shoe
Double tie your laces…


*I say I there but actually it’s mostly my husband, I mention this in case in case he’s reading…

Photography by Bethan Courtman Photography


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