How a cow can help with your PB

Creating a story to tell is what every run is about for me; sometimes the stories go down in our group’s running folklore, like the time we discovered there was a new running pace, running at ‘The Pace of Cows’.

Looking casual or maybe plotting a new strategy

It’s incredible how quick one can run when 20 cows are heading in your direction. These cows were clever though, they were ‘strategic’ cows, they had clearly been plotting for some time how their attack would play out. Not only did they very cleverly block off our only exit, but they separated the less-quick runners from the main pack…added to that, the fact they had two extra legs than us mere mortals meant they could cover a lot more ground, it appeared that we were doomed.

Just made it…

My role that day, as is often the case, was to be the ‘adult’ and lead the group out and back safely, so, when hurtling across the field as fast as my aged legs would carry me, I turned to look behind and saw that the Strategic Cows had separated the weaker runners from the group, I had a decision to make…was it every man for himself…or should I do the right thing…argghhhh such a dilemma! Needless to say, the running club no longer has as many members…nah, not really, I stopped running and the cows only went and stopped running too; it was a miracle, hallelujah I cried (internally)…but it would appear that they were not only ‘Strategic Cows’ but they were ‘Cunning Cows’ too, as they only went and started running again. And so it carried on, they ran a bit, we stopped, I clapped my hands and they ran away a bit, then they ran a bit, we stopped….and so on and so forth, until we managed, one by one to throw ourselves into the safety of the next field, not caring that a barbed-wire fence stood in our way. So, the lessons learned that day? If you want to do a PB at your next race, take a cow with you!


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