Bob Graham Round vs The ‘Fun’ Run

On Saturday April 23rd, Jasmin Paris ran the Bob Graham Round.  For those of you who may not be aware of the Bob Graham Round, here it is in a nutshell.  It is a fell running challenge in the Lake District, named after Bob Graham (see what they did there) who traversed 42 fells within 24 hours in the 1930’s.  Since then, nearly 2000 people have done the same, notably Billy Bland in 1982 in 13 hours 53 and Nicky Spinks in 2015 in 18 hours 6.

This year, the ladies record was set by Jasmin Paris in an incredible 15hr 24m.

Here is her account of it.

So, now it’s over to me who on the same day ran a slightly different run in around 15 hours less, but it goes to show that whether you’re out there for hours or minutes, it’s tough and enjoyable and all the emotions and that doesn’t change.

The regime is changing…

Spending quality time with one’s children is something that most parents realise the importance of but life does kind of get in the way a bit and I’m sure I’m not alone in often reflecting on the day’s events and thinking ‘bugger, another day’s gone by without quality child-time!’

So, in my attempt to address this daily berating of my parenting skills, I introduced my daughter to running; it’s fair to say she was a reluctant participant at first…but i’m a tenacious mother…and she is her mother’s daughter after all!

So, fast forward 2 years and we arrived at a local ‘Fun Run’; never ever trust a race which sells itself as a ‘fun, we’re not competitive at all’ type of event; they’re just lulling you into a false sense of security!

Never be fooled by someone who chooses a tank top to run in – they’re often quicker than you’d think…

Anyway, I was there in my capacity of mother to a now very competitive daughter and coach to my many C2-5k protégés; it’s fair to say I was feeling the pressure. On the one hand there’s my daughter who thinks I’m just some old woman who used to be able to run a bit but clearly peaked some time ago and on the other there’s the C2-5k graduates who think I’m going to win the race because I’m somehow related to Mo Farrah (you’d think my skin tone would give the game away!)

Anyway, I set off on the ‘g’ of bang (my reaction times aren’t what they used to be!) and hurtled off with all the other ‘fun’ runners with my daughter shouting ‘you’re going way too fast for me!”…well, it clearly wasn’t all that fast for her, because she glided past me in the final 200m, shouting an encouraging ‘stick on my shoulder mum!’…and then proceeded to put 3 seconds on me, which may not sound a lot, but believe me, it looks a lot in the photos!

Of course I’m thrilled for my daughter, she’s flourishing as a runner and is a fantastic role model to her teenage friends but there is an insey-winsey (OK, quite big part of me!) that’s actually envious of where she is at on her running journey…I just wish she’d get so much better that I’ve no chance of keeping up with her so I can stop being so bloomin’ competitive!

What have I learnt from this…that I’ll introduce her to extreme crocheting next!


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