Why we like…Compression


We quite like compression not least for the fact that it makes your legs look amazing. The first time I took some compression tights off though I did have a flashback to an incident at a wedding several years ago involving a pair of spanx – we’ve all been there right?

Back to the point though…although it may not make you a faster, better or stronger runner, the increased blood flow to your hard working muscles will aid recovery and you’ll feel so much better the second day if you’re a back-to-back kind of a gal.

You can of course go the whole hog and dress head to toe in compression but we think that having it on your legs is a good place to start.  This means leggings, shorts or socks, but you’d figured that out right?

We are fans of Skins and 2XU for leg coverage and I also like to rock a compression sock – my current favourites being these by Compressport.  If we’re talking wish lists here, I’d like one of these skorts too…

So, over to you.  Do you subscribe to the school of compression?  What are your favourites? Let us know!

You can even wear them on rest days – sexy eh?


Please note that we are not being sponsored and are only mentioning these products/brands because we like them.


Why we like… Shorts

During 2015 we wore running shorts every month from April onwards, through the winter and into January.  This year we have donned shorts in March and intend to continue wearing them for as long as possible.  We’ve even created a hashtag #shortsclub (maybe someone coined that before us but we have adopted it with gusto)

Shorts are the best bit of running kit you can own, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of the warm breeze on bare skin and even when it’s not that warm, once you get moving you’re fine.  Plus there’s the vitamin D that you’re producing by exposing more skin to the sunlight.  Make sure that they have some inner shorts though.  Please. No, SERIOUSLY.      I had the misfortune of witnessing something that I will never be able to un-see at a cross country event (man, sat on floor, lacing up shoe, no inner short…I’ll leave that with you)

Yes it can be a little alarming at first seeing your legs au naturel and not encased in lycra but do give it a go… If you want… No pressure…

We like standing out from the crowd too

Shorts we are loving at the moment include these ones from Salomon, or how about these from Pearl Izumi.  If you’re not ready to go short short then these are more of an entry level short from Brooks

If you’ve got any good shorts, we’d love to hear from you.

By the way, we have not been sponsored by any of the above companies – we just love them…