Chicks Chase #2 – my review


I ran in my first 10k race the other week.  You may recall that I had mentioned the race in a previous post.

Organised by FQEvents and supported by ResultsBase they bill themselves as below

The Chicks Chase Series of runs is ‘just for the girls’ and provides a stress-free 5k and 10k run at various venues around Milton Keynes.

It is a 5k loop that you either do once or twice – so you can all run off together and then sigh loudly and wish you’d signed up for the 5k as you run past the finish line and all the lucky girls who don’t have to run the loop again!

It was my first ever 10k race and I went over on my own.  It was a pretty friendly atmosphere and I’d timed it just right so that I was there in time to get my number and have wee #468 but not too early that I got too nervous.

The marshalls were very friendly although some of them mysteriously disappeared on the second loop but the ones that remained were very encouraging.   You will get a 5k time on your 10k too which is pretty cool if you like your stats.  The course was undulating and we ran through some nice parky bits and a little woodland type path too, we also trotted past lots of houses.  There were plenty of arrows and km markers too so you knew where you were at.   The lovely people handing out cups of water at the start of the second loop and at the end were appreciated and the medal was quite weighty and a nice design.   Plenty of good snacks to help yourself to at the end too.  As it was timed by ResultsBase, there was a laptop and machine to get your little printout of your time – just enter your bib no and voila!

Things I learnt on this race …

  • Running 2 loops can get in your head if you’re not careful
  • It’s nice to stay on for a bit and clap runners in – it’s a lonely finish if no-one really notices
  • Milton Keynes IS NOT FLAT.
  • Attempting to run 10k at around your 5k pace will only get you so far – about 7k as it turned out…

At the time of writing, there will just about be enough time to enter the 3rd and final race which is over at Willen (but it’s not the park run route I’ve been informed).  You can enter here if you’re a lady.

There is also another race in June that you can do if you’re not a girl (and if you are one too) – you can enter here

Good luck if you’re running these and we’d love to hear how you got on!

This is not a sponsored post – just me proffering my opinion.